Thursday, 10 September 2009

The GG 2009 ferment is underway, sitting at a nice 13 degrees centigrade.

The grey juice of last week with careful handling has transformed into a vibrant sparkling orange (looks rather like fanta!). I checked the density (the amount of sugar) to see if it has dropped, which means the special yeast has started to convert a tiny amount of sugar into alcohol. I leave the evening check to Chris and John but I insist they call me tonight with the progress otherwise I won't sleep!

News comes at 10 a.m. from Mont Blanc, north of Beziers, to tell me that the Vermentino is looking close to harvest – so I pack my bag asap and shoot down to the Midi immediately.

I make a quick stop in Limoux on the way to check the vineyards and after a good berry tasting, I am sure it is the right moment and give the orders to harvest tonight. Onto Beziers and amazingly the Vermentino is perfect too. Gonna be a long night! But most importantly, it means I can transport both juices in the double tanker lorry tomorrow.


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