Thursday, 12 November 2009

Today it’s my birthday and I am off to the UK for a Laithwaites customer tasting in Salisbury tonight followed by a birthday meal with family.

I was away early this morning to beat the notorious early Bordeaux traffic to the Airport. No such luck and a combination of yesterday’s public holiday and the pouring rain created a huge traffic jam! I made the flight by the skin of my teeth and was very thankful I was flying British Airways.

I arrived to very rainy UK but for once I couldn’t say it was better back in Bordeaux!

The tasting was really enjoyable and was held in the lovely big room Salisbury town hall where I showed the following Chai wines:

2008 Grand Chai Bordeaux Blanc
2008 La Voute
2007 Le Prestige, Cotes du Rhône
2008 Syrah de Folie
2006 Grand Chai Sauternes

Big thanks to the great customer turnout despite the torrential rain. My mum and dad also came along for the tasting, their top tips being the La Voute 2008 and the Andresen 8 year old port (glad they liked one that I made!)

Afterwards I was treated to a lovely birthday meal and enjoyed sharing a very nice bottle of Barolo, thanks mum and dad. Also a big thanks to Libby for adding yet another amazing cake design to her portfolio and it tasted great too!


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