Friday, 30 April 2010

It was very early and I was already arguing in French with various people who only say “non c’est pas possible” over the exact size of the tanker

However after some diplomatic work it suddenly now became “tout c’est possible”!

This is expensive stuff and it must be perfectly loaded with no air, I haven't been this nervous since loading our Grace de Hermitage last year! But this is double pressure as next to load is one of the most sought after whites in the world – Condrieu made from the Viognier grape.

As soon as all was loaded and paperwork filled out it was time to head back to Bordeaux. Fingers crossed that the truck makes it safely, imagine if there was a crash! I think I should be able to drive the Chai car in front of the truck with the 'convoi exceptional’ rights!

Finally the wine is in the safe hands of Chai and I can relax. I am looking forward to trying a sample of the wines tonight with some good food!


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