Friday, 13 August 2010

I Heard The News Today!

Early this morning the calls from the producers in the Midi came pouring in with the news that the grapes are now ripening fast and that harvest is closing in and I must go to the vineyards and begin the crucial selection early next week.

I have therefore made a plan for my first vineyard tour. I will start in Fronton, move on to Gaillac, down to Carcassonne, south to Limoux, cross in the Pyrénées foothills and to Maury, quick hop over into southern Corbières then onto the Mediterranean sea to follow the coast up to Narbonne, the Minervois, Beziers and home! Well that’s the plan. Bring on the harvest!

It’s been quiet on the winemaking front but still a very busy week here at the Chai. We have had visits from all the directors this week with Simon holding meetings all week at the Chai. Customers have also been flowing into the Chai for tastings and tours, with Libby tirelessly trying to accommodate everyone and making a fantastic amount of sales throughout the week.

Meanwhile upstairs the second sales team of Carla, Chris, Kylie, Ellie and Simon from the UK have been non-stop on the phones, keeping customers up to date with the Chai news and the wines they have tasted during their stay.


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