Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Harvesting Chardonnay and Viognier

After spending another few worrying nights in Carcassonne, visiting the vineyard who knows how many times, I finally decided to harvest the Chardonnay last night!

Unfortunately there is quite a lot of hidden bunch rot on the lower vineyards and I have made the decision not to make any Chai wine from these vineyards this year. Fortunately however, the fruit from the high, well-drained and wind-aired Cailloux vineyard (always the best performer in wet vintages) is very good indeed. So for the first time we will make a single-vineyard Carcassonne Chardonnay at Le Chai.

The Viognier was next and a very different scene here. The Viognier has loved the wet weather and resisted all threats of bunch rot, resulting in some excellent typical violet aromas!

Meanwhile, back in the Chai the cooling is running 24/7 and the vats are ice cold keeping all the ferments nice and slow to preserve aroma. All the vats are controlled individually by a flick of the switch on the computer board.

Cellar master Denis is also having fun and filling barrels left right and centre in a very acrobatic manner indeed!

It’s coming thick and fast now … Maury for the GG tomorrow!


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