Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cloudy Bay

Everyone knows it and it has been the icon wine of NZ, that label!  Everybody wanted it and I think maybe still does but it is expensive. Is it still good value?  

I have woken up to scenery of that label everyday for the last two weeks and I work opposite their vineyards and winery.  

The Richmond Range

 So when in NZ I think it’s appropriate to revisit Cloudy BaySauvignon Blanc with the added thrill of drinking it whilst looking out towards those very famous hills!

I can truly say that the 2012 wine is very, very good and an extremely pleasant experience indeed.  Treat yourself and try one.

The one, the only Cloudy Bay

I’m still busy with harvest and with the winery now in its 4th week of running at 24/7 time away from the winery has been limited. On the home straight now though!

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