Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Back to the UK

I finally arrived in the UK late on Saturday after being stuck in a very (-8 degrees C) cold Bordeaux airport!

By the time I eventually arrived at our head offices in Theale on Monday morning, the snow had covered Theale vineyard in front of the offices. It's here where our English sparkling wine is made - and now not only does Theale Vineyard Sparkling Wine taste like a top Champagne, the vineyard looks like it's in Champagne!

I sent fresh samples of the Chai 2009 white wines ahead of me last week and thankfully they were waiting for me in the tasting room and I was able to give the staff a first glimpse and taste of what I have actually been up to since August!

More snow fell last night and things were a bit slippery this morning so I hope I can get down to Dorset for Christmas.


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