Thursday, 3 December 2009

Stunning views this morning of the snow-capped Alps

We flew over Switzerland into Italy, passing Genoa, taking a big left turn from the Mediterranean into Pisa airport.

Soon after landing JMS and I met up with one of our wine buyers, Anne Forest and we hurtled towards Chianti following the Arno river to meet Paolo Masi in Rufina north east of Florence.

Firstly we went to Paolo's winery to see the 2009s and after to the his amazing house on the hill, overlooking the steep vineyards, to taste his range of wines and to work on our special Chai Tuscan red wine – it’s going to be a beauty!

Paolo kindly gave each of us a bottle of his fantastic olive oil made from his own olive groves. At 6pm we made our way to the East coast and then directly 300km south, hugging the coastline down to Ortona, to stay the night and most importantly meet up with Giorgio Flessati and Filippo Baccalaro for dinner!


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