Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Absolutely freezing this morning! At 6am, the car temperature read -8ºC

I am on my way down to the Chai to meet the mobile bottling truck to put the 2008 Laithwaite Merlot into bottle. The bottling got off to a rather slow start as during the washing of the bottling line, we also managed to create a decent sized ice rink along the road in front of the Chai.

We quickly diverted the traffic via the old Quai, the first of which just so happened to be the local Gendarmerie! The officers were not too keen on exiting their warm police van but after a few phone calls a truck with salt and grit arrived to save the day and we finally got the bottling underway.

The 2008 Laithwaite Merlot comes from a little Château in the amazing but tiny red Bordeaux village of Grezillac, only a stone’s throw across the river from the Chai. It was discovered by JMS and I a couple of years ago during one of our rambles around the region (probably looking for a restaurant at the time!). Since 2008 we have built up a great relationship with the vineyard owner and now have a great source of consistency.

The wine has seen plenty of French oak barrel and aged for 8 months in at the Chai. We are very proud the rich cassis fruit and silky tannins and it is one not to be missed.


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