Monday, 11 January 2010

Our UK based team of directors including Abi, Rob, Julian and Georgina arrive today

They’re here to have a first peek at the new 2009 vintage Chai wines and see the future plans for the Chai.

Tony is also busy in the Chai this morning with a film crew, and of course, where there is a camera there is JMS too! Lunchtime arrives very quickly and we all head to the local Voyageur for a traditional French lunch where the indoor barbeque and homemade soup are a warm welcome after the brisk and extremely cold walk from the Chai, up through the village, passing a rather frozen fountain along the way!

The afternoon is taken up with a great tasting of Côtes du Castillon red 2009 wines, kindly organised by Anne-Marie and the local vignerons at the Comptoir de St.Genes wine bar and restaurant. From this tasting we have been busy selecting some exceptional 2009 cuvees which will be made available to customers later on in the year so keep a careful look out for their release.

Later on that evening a fabulous dinner was held for us and all the local vignerons of Castillon. I met some newcomers and long time established winemakers and certainly learnt more about the diversity and sheer quality of the Côtes du Castillon appellation – I can clearly see why Tony has such a passion for the area.


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