Thursday, 4 March 2010

Off to the Midi, but work to do first!

With the bottling of the 2009 JMS yesterday and Le Grand Chai Bordeaux Blanc bottling underway this morning, I can finally leave for the Midi to check on all my other wines.

The builders have been busy and the new Dordogne Chai floor is almost in place!

So with bottling done and happy-ish builders, I make a break for the Midi!

I arrived late evening to the beautiful city of Carcassonne shrouded in a fine mist and looking rather eerie, walking the deserted cobbled streets towards the un-appetisingly named 'Brasserire de Donjon' felt strangely medieval!

At the restaurant I chose simple and it was good with a delightful wine from the Minervois La Liviniere AOC.

Busy day tomorrow, Andree and I actually visiting and tasting through Carcassonne, Limoux, Corbieres and Roussillon, hopefully finishing in Perpignan at a reasonable hour!



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