Friday, 4 February 2011

It’s an early start as usual...

... and a straight drive directly south of Le Chai through the Entre Deux Mers to the fabulous Chateau Camail to check the 2009 that I have been working on to prepare for next week’s bottling.

It was a very misty and cold scene when I arrived with only the rising smoke from the last of the 2010 pruned vine canes being burnt breaking the now rather barren landscape. I was met by Florence and headed straight to the cellar to check the progress. The wine has rounded out and put some weight on, which is a good thing in wine terms! A quick brief on bottling preparation (I will be back for the bottling) and I leave in the direction of the Medoc and to Margaux where I will be meeting the tanker to take the Grand Chai Margaux back home to the Chai!

The grand Chai Margaux vineyards are slap bang in the middle of the best of Margaux. I am not going to say where exactly - that's my secret - but it’s very close to the amazing Chateau du Tertre.........

I tasted and checked all was good (it’s hard to keep focus on the job ahead after being blown away by the sheer quality and complexity of what I just tasted!!) and began setting up the pumps and pipes.

Once the tanker was safely filled I notified 'Petit' Denis back at the Chai who was ready and waiting to unload this very special cargo straight to barrels.

Meanwhile it’s yet another early start for me tomorrow, beginning with the first flight out from Bordeaux. I’m meeting Helen (our Burgundy buyer) who is arriving from London to Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, where we are then making our way down to Chablis for the Fete de Saint Vincent where we will hopefully find Tony and Henry.

The Saint Vincent is shared by twenty villages in the north of Burgundy with every year a different village hosting the party and this year it’s the turn of Chablis! I will let you know what happens.

Bon weekend tout le monde!


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