Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Laithwaite Sauvignon 2010 Bottled (and maybe Spring has arrived?)

We have had beautiful sunshine for the last 5 days and today – albeit -2ºC this morning – turned out to be a warm 19ºC. And with the endless ‘V’ formation geese flying overhead, it felt the buds on the vines would burst any moment. But vines are clever and will wait before rushing into the first rays of sunshine … unlike us humans!

This morning the Laithwaite Sauvignon Blanc – our earliest sign of spring here in the cellar – was the very first of our 2010 white wines to be bottled. Sauvignon Blanc in this incredibly aromatic style is the most fragile of all our wines and to keep the grassy asparagus fresh notes locked in we get it into bottle as soon as possible. The bottle closure is also very important on this style of wine with screw cap being in our opinion the best. Before screw cap it was very rare to be able to capture these fresh aromas that we winemakers smell everyday from harvest and throughout the fermentation.

I have been watching this wine all the way and the meticulous winemaking has paid off. I can only relax once the last drop of the vat is safely in bottle and I can definitely assure that you will not be disappointed, enjoy!


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