Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lincoln Tasting

I managed to scrape through the horrendous Bordeaux morning traffic (seems to be getting worse) to take the early flight to the UK for this evening’s tasting in Lincoln. However being a winemaker from Jersey, not only do I have an extremely poor geography of England but if a place doesn’t have a vineyard appellation I begin to struggle with its location.

Consequently, I foolishly (I keep falling for it!) asked Jean-Marc where Lincoln was because he lives in the UK. He said “oui, it iz very ezee – just above London”. I soon found out ‘zis waz not zee case’ and that Lincoln is a good three hours from Gatwick! Merci, JMS.

I was soon on my way from King Cross, northbound on the Leeds train. Lovely train journey, though and kind of weird to be travelling through countryside without a single vine in sight. After a few changes along the way – and the train eventually whittling down to single carriage on the last leg into Lincoln – I finally arrived.

And what a great sight Lincoln is, with its wonderful and enormous cathedral on the top of the hill! The Cathedral I have heard of, but that was due to watching the Tudors television series and not from paying attention to my school history lessons!

The tasting was held in the County Assembly Rooms and of course my giant portable/mobile Chai picture followed me there, as always. It’s a bit like a caravan, starts to be a 'home from home'!

As always, I met lots of enthusiastic customers and thoroughly enjoyed talking and tasting the Chai wines with everybody. Big thanks to all the customers who came along and to Will and co for organising and helping with the serving.

Once again the 2005 Maury Font Del Bosc was the star of the show.

Then it was straight back to Bordeaux. I need to be in Margaux for 7:30 am!

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