Thursday, 9 June 2011

Back in the Chai

Well, it’s been quite a busy return to the cellar since Le Voyage. Getting back into the Chai has been like boarding another ship, but with my own crew and, of course, Captain JMS! It’s also that time of year again where I have to now start thinking about the 2011 harvest along with counting spaces for new barrels.

JMS and I have to go carefully through each wine we are going to make. Using our experience, we predict the possible style of wines and yields that this vintage may produce so we can buy the correct barrel wood types and toasts to match the wines.

Already this year has been far dryer than 2010 and the low rainfall and sunshine has accelerated the vineyard here in Bordeaux by two weeks. Harvest will be early and there will probably be less tannin in the reds. The Midi has had more rain in the Roussillon so quality and yields are looking very good indeed. Thunderstorm and hail in the Languedoc have devastated some vineyards and I will be assessing that area during next week’s trip down to the Midi.

I couldn’t resist mentioning the bizarre Sunday party held in Libourne where we attended the 6th year of the Giant Omelette party! Apparently 3011 eggs were used and five grown men spent all morning stirring a giant pan with what I am sure were boat paddles! Only in France!


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