Tuesday, 28 June 2011

VINEXPO Bordeaux

Last week, one of the largest Wine Exhibition Fairs was held in Bordeaux. Called VINEXPO, the fair is held here every two years and attracts thousands of winemakers and wine buyers from all over the world, hoping to buy or sell wines.

Almost everybody in the wine trade attends and fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, that means A LOT of friends in one place at the same time. After a long day’s gruelling tasting, walking up and down literally miles of stands, every evening is time to get together for some food, wine and to talk about our recent and past adventures.

I had the pleasure of my best winemaker buddies Norrel and Stefan from Spain to stay. Both, like me, are Grenache devotees and Tuesday we went into Bordeaux centre to the ‘G-Night’, organised by the Grenache Symposium. I’ve signed up to the club! It was full of excellent Grenache wines from all around the world and I hope to present the Vent de Folie and GG at the next event!

The heat wave has also struck here in Bordeaux and temperatures rose to 40°C by midday, last night was unbearable at 28°C! The vines are continuing to advance and are still on for a 3-week-early harvest.

With all the Chai 2010s now in barrel and bottling of the 2010 whites done, it is the winemaker’s quiet time in the cellar. Therefore I am making the most of this period and will be taking my Summer holiday when we’ll be heading to Northern Spain and Portugal. Keep up date with what I discover by twitter!


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