Monday, 5 October 2009

The 2009 vintage is shaping up to potentially be one of the classics

So we have decided that we will christen the Chai with some red grape ferments. All that's left to do now is to go and find some!

With most of the Merlot picked, the later ripening Cabernet harvest is now beginning. To get the first choice of potential grapes for the Chai, I have been to the home of Cabernet today, the Medoc.

The Medoc is a very, very long peninsula stretching north of the city of Bordeaux with the Atlantic on one side and the Gironde estuary on the other. The unique climate and range of gravel soils create a vast quality and diversity of styles. There is only one way to find out which is right for you – that's to go there and look at the vineyards and taste and taste and taste berries!

The vineyards are still not fully ripe but the weather forecast for the next five days is exceptionally warm and sunny for this time of year – so I will head back on Friday to re-check the maturity.

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