Thursday, 15 October 2009

Winter is here!

This morning was the first cold day for months. I think probably since March – that’s how good the 2009 vintage is! It was 5 degrees this morning but Chris, John and I refused to submit to winter and we all wore our shorts in defiance! We just have to keep the Chai locked up tight to keep in the warmth for the malo-lactic ferments

Yesterday was officially the end of the harvest for us and it’s been a long one, I picked the first GG grapes on August the 31st – that’s 44 days non-stop!! However we winemakers have to continue in the cellar and the first time we will get to relax without worrying about the wines won’t be until late December!

However today John and Janet, our friends and a core part of the Laithwaites 2009 picking team, held a traditional end of harvest BBQ lunch.


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