Monday, 1 February 2010

The bottling finally finished last night

Although we bottled well into the dusk but we hardly noticed the hard work and the cold due to the yet again, incredible and ever changing colours of the Dordogne River outside the Chai!

This morning Chris and I loaded all the weeks pallets of wine onto the truck headed directly for the UK. It has been a tough but very satisfying week now knowing all the hard work since harvest has been captured and preserved in a bottle for all to taste.

Handcrafted wines like these are so good because they always reflect the mood of the harvest and people involved whether you realise it not. Personally I can’t wait to taste one with friends tonight and be reminded of the memories of all that went into that wine!

This afternoon I went into the Entre Deux Mers for a nosey at some Sauvignon Blanc vineyards and certainly wasn’t expecting the vineyards to be full of sheep. Unless sheep like grapes, it’s a very good idea to keep the grass mown!


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