Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Dust Has Settled

Now the dust has settled and new skylights have been put in, the beams and walls can now be seen, probably for the first time in 100 years!

Downstairs the builders are starting work on the new Dordogne barrel cellar and they have already cut the trench which will house the stainless steel drain.

Not very exciting for most as the drain is something you don’t really think about when you set foot in a magnificent wine cellar. But for us winemakers a good drain is vital to the function of a working winery. Therefore the precision must be absolutely spot on as a badly drained winery can lead and has led to many a winemaker tearing their hair out!

The ‘cellar window’ has also begun to be knocked through and I got the first glimpses of the Grand Chai from the upstairs office and what a view! It will be like a live winery TV show for staff and is certain to inspire anyone that looks into the ‘cellar window’. Although JMS and I will have to find a new place to hide!


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