Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Plane-sailing Tuesday

We passed Ouessant – the NW tip of France – at midday, right on our change of shift. Everyone was dreading this part being on their watch, due to the notorious reputation of this treacherous area. However our luck must have changed and when we took the wheel it was sunny, warm and fairly calm!

With the NW point of France behind us, we swung east and the wind and tide picked up behind, speeding us towards the Channel Islands. We began to see more commercial boats coming down the shipping lane.

We set our next course for St.Peter Port in Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands … unfortunately not my home and birth place Jersey. Jersey is the most southerly of all the islands and quite far out of our way. The tides and currents are also notoriously bad between the islands so Guernsey is a safer bet this time round. We had an exciting moment when a small plane swooped down within 100 ft of our mast to have an inquisitive look at us!

The wind dropped off so gave us the perfect opportunity to enjoy James' moussaka for dinner with Henry's 2008 Verniotte and a Grand Chai 2009 St.Emilion. I asked ship owner Leslie if he was happy, he replied "I'm always happy, except when I'm not!" Miles, Red and I took the 8pm to midnight watch – very quiet as we’re in the back waters to the Channel Islands. Hopefully more wind tomorrow.

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