Sunday, 15 May 2011

Saturday 14th, leaving Cowes

More sunshine motivated everyone to get up and going. I sneaked off early to the yacht club for a shower … two showers in 23hrs, wierd!

Irene was ready to go by 11am, by which time the Saturday sailors were out in force, decorating the Solent as far as the eye could see.

Not such a smooth departure this time (maybe because Claire had left the ship to go home last night?) The Irene pulled away quickly and Miles was left stranded on the jetty. But not to worry – he had his magic slippers on! Almost as if a magical switch was flipped, the slippers sprung into action: the harbour master arrived from nowhere in his boat and the slippers lifted Miles into the air and safely aboard. What followed next was some truly stunning safety slipper action as Miles leaped from the harbour masters boat onto the Irene!!!!!

Away we sped, right into the middle of a full-on yacht race! After navigating through the swarm of tiny boats, trying not to crush any, we were free into the East Solent. Good wind and weather once again with the three-day forecast being much of the same. That meant we soon passed Queen Victoria's Osbourne House, Portsmouth and out into the English Channel.

Yet another amazing sunset. Miles and the safety slippers were busy in the galley cooking up another hearty meal. Back on watch tonight got the midnight to 4am again. Need to make a more substantial bribe … maybe kit kats?

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